New Year Eve

Around the World

By setting up 360 cameras in 12 of the most iconic locations, we’re live streaming from around the world for 12 consecutive hours. You offer anyone with an internet connection the chance to discover your city on the most thrilling day of the year worldwide.


12 cities

  • New York 
  • Paris
  • Jerusalem
  • Your City…


Users can travel with friends, meet new people along the way, or go it alone. Beyond the raw sights and sounds from the 360 video stream, anything about the experience can be sponsored. We will build a customized style of transportation to navigate throughout the XR experience.


Begin in your branded lobby, the Virtual globe at center. Click it, move it, rotate it, and select among marked locations. Travel stylishly and arrive among the people. Listen to the sounds, explore the town. Stay a while or return to the lobby to explore another celebration.


Destinations working to attract visitors may display their culture, infrastructure, and appearance – shedding light in a brand new way. Virtual Teleportation shows the glamour of your destination. Make global use of VR’s live potential.

The Torus

The VR Interface 

Custom Build Your VR