XR Architecture

Design to Scale

Before infrastructure reaches the physical world it is crafted on a 3D software. VR is the intermediate space between digital and physical. The architect steps inside his 3D structure to refine its precision.

Why XR ?

Extended Reality

  • Expand potential
  • Increase certainty
  • Communicate to buyer
  • Financial efficiency

Expand Potential

Today, more architects are gaining access to computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM). These programs introduce a new language of forms and shapes too complex for the human brain to project and visualize. Virtual Reality is the technology enabling the mind to comprehend this imagery.

Increase Certainty

In Virtual Space, architects inspect the relationship between the geometrical dynamics of a structure and it’s environment. Traffic flow, pedestrian movement, sunlight, and rainfall are among the variables to be evaluated from inside an environment replica.

The Buyer

Receives multiple architectural proposals for major construction projects. When receiving a submission in Virtual Reality, the investor, often local government, makes a more informed decision from inside the Virtual Model.


XR Color

Live In Color

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